Sulfur Cycle

Sulfur Cycle

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Sulfur is a yellow substance found in soil that burns easily.

It enters the production of sulfuric acid, a substance widely used for fertilizers, dyes and explosives (gunpowder, matchsticks, etc.). Sulfur is found in sedimentary rocks (formed by deposits that have accumulated by the action of nature) in volcanic rocks, coal, natural gas etc.

Sulfur is essential for life, it is part of the protein molecules, vital to our body. About 140g of sulfur is present in humans. Nature recycles sulfur every time an animal or plant dies. When they rot, substances called 'sulfates' combined with water are absorbed by the roots of plants. Animals get it by eating vegetables or eating other animals.

When the cycle changes, animals and plants suffer, this is happening through the constant burning of coal, oil and gas. These fuels are called "fossils" because they were formed millions of years ago, from the death of huge tropical forests or the death of microscopic creatures called "plankton".