A nut in the head?

A nut in the head?

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What it is, what it is: Is it inside your head, is it wrinkled and divided like a giant nut, and it helps you think and do everything?
It's him: the brain! The main organ of the nervous system that controls the entire body! He is responsible for all voluntary and involuntary actions of our body.

Voluntary actions are those we do willingly: talking, playing, wiggling a toe and many other things. Involuntary actions, on the other hand, are those we do unknowingly, such as breathing and beating our hearts. This is all the work of our brain's incessant work!

It works as a large company where workers are nerve cells, or neurons. These cells process all the information so that the brain works properly! Unlike most body cells that die and are replaced by others, neurons do not regenerate: when they die, no one appears to take their place!

There are about 100 billion of these "workers" in 1.4 kilograms of organic mass (that's the approximate weight of an adult's brain!): That's 2 percent of body weight. Did you find little? But be aware that, on the other hand, the demanding brain consumes 25% of all the oxygen used by our body!

The brain is divided into three parts:

- The cortex is the outer part, which everyone calls gray matter (it's really gray). He is responsible for our ability to think and interpret the information sent by our five senses.

- Inside the brain is the white mass. There is a complex communications network: when you want to do anything, it is the network of white matter neurons that transmits the information for your will to be accomplished (at speeds up to 400 km / h!).

- The cerebellum is in the back of the brain. He is responsible for our coordination and balance.

That is, without it we would be walking jelly!