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The lipids

The lipids

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The most well-known lipids are represented by oils and fats and basically have energetic function, just like carbohydrates.

Oil and fat molecules are formed by the union of two smaller molecules, fatty acid and glycerol. Lipids also have structural function, they participate in the constitution of cell membranes.

Examples of lipid-rich foods include: whole milk, eggs, cashew nut, coconut, olive oil and fat meat.

Animal fat is high in cholesterol which, in excess, causes serious damage to the body. However, in the proper amount, fat produces fatty acids and glycerol in the body, which perform several important chemical reactions and functions.

Some vitamins, for example, are only absorbed when they find fat. Concentrated under the skin, the fat layer protects us from the cold and shocks. In addition, the fat that accumulates in the body acts as an energy reserve. When we spend many hours without eating and the carbohydrates run out, metabolism burns this fat so that the organs continue to function.

This is why nutritionists recommend eating small meals every three hours on average - because when carbohydrate shortages are so frequent, the brain understands that it needs to reinforce its energy "stores" and orders the body to accumulate more and more. the fat of meals. This accumulation gives rise to the so-called love handles (localized fat). Over time, this fat can build up in the veins and arteries, leading to serious heart problems.

So, attention: fats are indispensable to the body, but should be eaten in minimal quantities, as each 100g of fat provides twice as much energy as 100g of protein or carbohydrates. To avoid overeating, it is best to opt for lean meats and skim milk, which contain reduced amounts of fat.

Fish and poultry can be eaten more, as they contain healthier types of fat. Not to mention that they are sources of other nutrients, such as fish, which is rich in B vitamins and various minerals.