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After approximately nine months, about 40 weeks after the act of fertilization, the fetus has developed and is ready to live outside the womb, which is no longer able to maintain and protect it. It's time to be born.

In general, the time of childbirth is surrounded by much expectation, anxiety and even fear, which causes a great excitement of the pregnant woman especially the one who is giving birth to her first child.

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman should have prenatal care at health centers, hospitals, etc. The gynecologist / obstetrician will give you correct guidance that will help you follow and understand the signs that precede the time of birth, the birth of the baby (regular contractions of the uterus, ruptured “water bag”, mucus or small amount of blood expelled from the vagina. , etc.). The doctor will also inform you which type of delivery is best for the pregnant woman.

"Normal" or "natural" childbirth

Labor usually begins when fetal development is complete. Certain hormones in the mother stimulate the uterus to contract until it expels the baby.

These contractions cause the cervix to dilate. The cervix, or cervix, is the part of the uterus that communicates with the vagina. Its position is at the bottom of the vaginal canal. At the moment of birth, it is this portion that dilates, giving way to the unborn fetus. This is why the vagina is also called the birth canal. In most cases, in the last weeks of pregnancy the baby turns around, placing the head on the widest part of the mother's pelvis. The head is thus presented first, which facilitates childbirth.


Cesarean section is a surgical procedure with anesthesia, in which a horizontal incision (cut) is made in the mother's belly, a few centimeters below the navel. Through him the baby and the placenta are removed.

Caesarean section is especially indicated when the baby is not in a favorable position; when he is suffering; when there is no dilation of the cervix; if the mother is at risk; if you are hypertensive. Like other types of surgery, it should not be an indiscriminate practice, done without need or medical advice.