The Genital System

The Genital System

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Body changes

The discovery of sex happens with the discovery of the body. Young men and boys often follow closely the changes that occur in their external sexual organs. These changes are caused by the action of hormones.

Primary sexual characteristics, visible in the genitals, are genetically determined and present from birth in both men and women.

The male body

The major visible changes in the male body throughout adolescence are described below.

The testicles (inside the scrotum) grow first and, shortly thereafter, the penis. At puberty, hair appears in various places: on the face, underarms, chest and in areas near the testicles. The voice also undergoes changes.

This set of characteristics that are defined at puberty as a result of hormonal action is called secondary sexual characteristics. These, however, do not obey strict standards. Adolescents of the same age may present significant differences regarding body height, hair quantity, penis size, voice tone and so on. The ethnic group to which the individual belongs, genetic inheritance, eating habits, health problems, among other factors, are responsible for these differences.

So colleagues the same age as yours may be taller or shorter than you, or have more or less serious voices than yours, for example. This should not worry you. People are different and have uneven rhythms of body development. It is important to like you by learning to care for and value your own body.

See the major visible changes in the male body over time.

Boys have a small amount of female sex hormones, girls have a small amount of male sex hormones. At puberty, sometimes a slight imbalance in the amount of these hormones can cause slight breast growth in boys or excess hair in girls. This usually goes away over time, but if it persists, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

In the genital region we find the penis and scrotum.

Penis and Cumshot - The penis is an organ of cylindrical shape and consists mainly of erectile tissue, that is, capable of lifting. With sexual arousal, this tissue is bathed and filled with more blood, which makes the penis erect and rigid. At the tip of the penis, there is the glans (the “head”), which may be covered by the foreskin.

In the glans, there is the orifice of the urethra, a channel that in the male body communicates with both the urinary system and the reproductive system. Penis size varies among men and has no biological relationship to fertility or sexual potency.

When a man is stimulated, as in a sexual relationship, it culminates with sperm being thrown out of the male body in the form of jets. This phenomenon is called ejaculation.

Sperm are ejaculated through the urethra, where urine is also eliminated. During a normal ejaculation 2 to 4 milliliters of sperm are expelled; each milliliter contains approximately 100 million sperm.