Cows are more responsible for climate change than you think

Cows are more responsible for climate change than you think

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Beef and dairy production emits more gas than transport

If we put together all the gases emitted by the conventional means of transportation - cars, trains, boats and airplanes - we would not get as much as cows 'produce'. The beef and dairy industry accounts for 14.5% of all greenhouse gases.

In addition to meat and dairy production, cows and pigs emit methane and nitrous oxide - powerful gases against the ozone layer. But if we asked anyone what causes global warming, they would hardly answer cows and pigs.

A survey of 12 countries - including Brazil, China and the United States - found that people are unaware of the relationship of cows to the greenhouse effect. 63% of respondents identify as the main cause of global warming the gases emitted by cars. And 25% believe meat and dairy production causes "little or no climate change."

With each passing year, people consume more protein - beef. In fact, meat and dairy production has increased by 70% in just under ten years. In addition to the usual pollution of large urban centers, the emission of carbon dioxide grows alarmingly.

The relationship between food production and climate change is dangerous - and not knowing it is even more frightening.