Gap or communicating junctions

Gap or communicating junctions

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Also known as nexus, gap junction or gap junction, are cylindrical particles that make the cells come in contact with each other so that they function in a coordinated and harmonious way.

These channels allow the movement of molecules and ions directly from the cytosol from one cell to another.

Interdigitations: increased contact surface

It is common to observe the folding between the plasma membranes of two adjacent cells. These folds, known as interdigitations (like the fingers placed between each other), widen the contact surface between cells and facilitate the passage of substances from one to the other.

The transformation of epithelia

Like other tissues, epithelia can undergo metaplasia, which is the pathological replacement of one type of tissue with another. In the case of chronic smokers, for example, the ciliated pseudostratified epithelium of the trachea and bronchi may turn into pavement by the irritating action on the elements present in the cigarette composition. This transformation alters the function of these organs, causing damage to health.


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