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Simple machines, work and energy

Simple machines, work and energy

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In our daily lives, we live surrounded by machines. It is very common to come across machines of all kinds, from the simplest to the most complex.

We use an opener to open cans, cut paper with scissors, hang pictures on nails fixed to the wall by hammers, and hold little children in strollers.

We are increasingly dependent on increasingly complex machines, such as the bus cars and trains we use to go to school, the workplace, and so on.

Simple machines

We know that machines range from the simplest to the most complex. Complex machines are those that use electronic devices in their composition, such as integrated circuits. An example of a complex machine is computers.

Automobiles also use electronic and electrical resources, but their operation is mainly based on moving parts: pulling, pushing, turning etc .; In short, they are moving parts. This type of operation, therefore, is in the domain of mechanics.

Every machine has one or several functions. We will start studying some machines that facilitate human activity simply by allowing us to perform a task with less physical effort. For example, when we nail a nail to the wall with a hammer, we make much less effort than we need to nail it with our bare hands, which we certainly could not.

We will call simple machines those that modify and transmit the action of a force to perform some movement. Can opener, hammer, scissors, screwdriver, pliers, nutcracker, wheelbarrow, tweezers and nail clippers are examples of simple machines.

Simple machines are those that modify and transmit the action of a force to perform some movement.


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