Metal recycling

Metal recycling

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Metal is one of the most used products in everyday tasks. We find metal packaging, wire and other metal products in various products.

When discarded by people and companies, it can go through a recycling process that ensures its reuse in the production of recycled metal.

Recycled metal has virtually all the characteristics of ordinary metal. It can be recycled many times without losing its features and quality.

Aluminum, for example, can be used without limits. Steel after being recycled returns to the production chain to be transformed into cans and automotive parts, for example.


Metal recycling is of utmost importance to the environment. When we recycle the metal or buy recycled metal we are contributing to the environment, as this material no longer goes to landfills or nature (rivers, lakes, soil, forests). We must not forget, too, that metal recycling generates income for thousands of people in Brazil who work mainly in cooperatives of pickers and recyclers of metal and other recycled materials. Metal has a high value for recycling.

Selective collect

One of the most important steps in the metal recycling process is the separation and selective collection of metal. In companies, homes and other places there are spaces for metal disposal.

Separation in the recycling process

In the first phase of the metal recycling process, they are separated by type and characteristics. Thus, aluminum, copper, steel and iron go through different recycling processes.

Types of recyclable metals

  • Aluminum cans (soda, beer, etc.) and steel (sardine cans, sauces, oil, etc.).
  • Wires, nails, screws
  • Metal wires
  • Metal caps
  • Paste Tubes
  • Cordless Cookware
  • Wires
  • Sheet metal
  • Aluminum objects (windows, doors, gates, etc.)
  • Copper wire and articles;
  • Hardware
  • Metal pipes
  • Picture frames
  • Bottle Caps
  • Metal lids of jars of yoghurt, margarine, cheese, etc.
  • Aluminum paper